La rete di Clo: questa Azienda č stata Segnalata da La rete di Clo
Consigliato da Top Negozi
Farmacia Mattina sees the light officially June 1, 1908, when he was released to Dr. Joseph Mattina the go-ahead by the provincial medical officer at the opening of that time, Dr. Fradella.
The first site, provisionally, that was the home of its founder, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, courtyard Mattina, before being transferred to that which occupied without interruption from late 1908 until mid-1996, in the same street at number 294 .

The death of Dr. Joseph Mattina, the Pharmacy was given, in interim management, to Dr. Gruttadauria Concetta until Dr. Stefano, in the late 60, got the requirements for ownership, which has maintained since then without interruption until today.

Since July 1980 he assisted in the management of his son, Dr. Joseph, who has strongly supported and implemented in 1996, the transfer of the pharmacy in the larger premises located at No. 276 of the same road, which, in the month of June 2008, have been further expanded through a major restructuring. Pharmacy can now count on a total area of approx. 230, in square meters. 150 used for the sale, between the 1st and 2nd floor, and the rest in pharmaceutics laboratory, warehouse, offices, stores and services.
The pharmacy also has a lift for disabled access to upstairs.

Many, in more than a century of history, employees who have succeeded in serving customers, we want to remember their founder, Father Joseph Mendola , who helped Dr. Joseph valid especially in the long term where the same Accustomed to the office of Mayor of the city.

And we like to remember the young Tunisian who assists the Dr. Stephen Mehbratu Amarč and, for a brief period, Mr. Gianni Mastrobuono and then Mrs. Placida Faraci , brothers Michael and Salvatore Monte , Mr. Aldo Ingala to arrive, today, the current team, as well as by the owner and his son, Dr. Stephen Faraci, by Dr. Filippa Tropea , by Mr. Rabita Santi , by Mrs. Loredana Costa , the Rag. Dario Vanadia and Miss Michela Bernunzo , and by the wife of Dr. Joseph Steel, Mrs. Paola Mancuso .


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